Metric rods

Magnetic Measuring System


Metric rods

Our company produces rods divided in milìimetres mechanically engraved with CNC machines. The field of engravìngs comprìses Iinear, cìrcular or plate engravìng.

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The graduated scale can be in metres, ìnches, degrees or whatever type of division. All our machines are periodically checked with our HP Iaser interferometer.


Engraving operations are made on aluminium or steel. The aluminium linear metric rods can be cut out of flat wiredrawns or aluminium standard sections or supplied to us directly by the customer. The steel metric rods are obtained from flat wiredrawns or ground rods out of which a flat section is cur to a maximum length of 4600 mm.


All our products (unless indicated otherwisw by the customer) undergo a surface protection treatment:

  • anodisation for aluminum rods
  • grinding and mat satin hard chrome finish for steel rods

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