Nonius Calipers

Digital Calipers


900N Series

The M.CONTI experience is translated in calipers of the highest precision and reliability.
Machined out of a solid aluminum block it does not flex or bend in any way. Extremely high impact resistance due to hard anodization process (50HRC).
All precision engraving is carried out with specific laser instruments exclusively inside the M.CONTI production line.
Jaws made out of precision ground, tempered stainless steel (52HRC).Standard jaws lengths 100, 150 , 200, 300mm.

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The same precision and reliability of digital calipers can be found in the nonius versions calipers.

Why choose M.CONTI calipers?

  • High resistance anodization on caliper bars
  • Slider contact points protected from dents and scratches
  • Aluminum extrusion produced on M.CONTI exclusive design


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