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The BCE electronic control bench is a 3 axis, high precision measuring instrument, for the quality control of bore positions and panel squaring before, during or after production processes.

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Amongst the many characteristics of the instrument we can highlight;

  • Solidity and robust construction
  • Precision and reliability over time (capable of maintaining reliability also in high dust saturation environments)
  • Ease of use and immediate comprehension of all function

Here below some of the measurements that can be made with the BCE31Y10-R;

  • Panel dimensions and square geometry
  • Distance between center holes of vertical and horizontal hole
  • Parallelism and orthogonaltiy between holes
  • Out of square control
  • Depth of vertical and horizontal holes


  • Resolution: 0.1mm
  • Guides with pre-loaded recirculating ball sliders
  • Measurement transducers: Optical scale
  • The control benches are tested with UKAS/SIT certified gauge blocks.
  • The control benches are supplied with one serial output RS232 (ASCII format transmission)



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