The LEADER presetter family; high precision instruments that can reduce, even substantially, production costs by cutting machine set up time.

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User friendly software, anyone can check shape and dimensions of tools and inserts. Interchangeable tool sleeves, changing tool sleeves requires only one quick move and a few seconds for perfect tool centering. Each tool sleeve has calibration spheres embedded for fast X and Z zero setting. High definition camera shows tool profiles and surfaces with micrometric precision. Designed down to the smallest detail, high quality components and over-engineered structure guarantees years of trouble free work and constant performance.

LEADER presetters can:

  • Determine height and radius/diameter of any tool in a few seconds
  • Adjust insert positioning, angles and radiuses of cutters and knives
  • See tool surface in Real View mode
  • Verify complex tool geometry
  • Verify radius,height and position of cutters in multiprofile tools
  • Screenshot captures in PDF format
  • Printing labels and tool list database

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